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If you are facing a foreclosure in San Diego it can be very easy to give up hope. As foreclosure attorneys in San Diego, we see clients who feel like there is nothing they can do to get out from under the financial mess. But, we want you to know that thousands of people in San Diego county alone have been in the same situation. The people that do nothing to stop foreclosures in San Diego loose everything. The families that got informed and took the initiative saved their homes! With that being said, you must make sure you get the RIGHT help.

If you are looking for assistance to stop foreclosure in San Diego be sure that you are working with an experienced and reputable firm. If you are contacted, whether by mail, phone or in-person, by any company the purports to specialize in default work, make sure you do your research. The majority of these companies are either scams or will do little or nothing you could not do yourself.


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Foreclosure scams are so rampant we would not be able to list them all here, but we want to give you some general guidelines to protect yourself. If you know what to look for, you can make an informed decision. If you have any questions about whether or not you have been the victim of a foreclosure scam please call one of our experienced foreclosure attorneys in San Diego.

As foreclosure attorneys in San Diego, we want you to ask yourself these questions when considering debt relief help:

How has your foreclosure help company been reviewed on the internet? Are the reviews positive or negative?

Has your foreclosure assistance company asked you to deed your property to a 3rd party or transfer an interest in your property?

Is the company claiming to stop foreclosure asking for a very expensive fee up-front without every really telling you what they plan to do?

Are you being asked to spend money to entity or person you have never met nor have they suggested signing an employment agreement?

If you answered yes, or even thought about answering yes, we advise you to think twice about what is probably a foreclosure scam. As foreclosure attorneys in San Diego we see far too often that consumers find out about foreclosure scams after it is too late.

We advise you follow these simple guidelines:

Do not pay for any services unless you know what those services are going to be

Never transfer your interest in your home or other property to ANY 3rd party without consulting a foreclosure attorney.

Make sure you know exactly what services you are getting and have it put in writing!

If you feel as though you have been taken advantage of, ask for help and call experienced foreclosure attorneys in San Diego.

You home is your most expensive and valuable financial asset and if you have equity in the home you want to make sure you protect it. Foreclosure scams are growing by the day and they go after those that are in the worst financial positions. The more desperate you are to save your home the more likely you are to fall victim to a foreclosure scam. Generally, the end result of ANY foreclosure scam is that you pay the entity money and you are still kicked out of your home. Don’t let these people take advantage of you, call an experienced San Diego foreclosure attorney today!

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