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Your creditors don’t want you to know that San Diego Chapter 7 attorneys can stop:

Foreclosure * Wage Garnishment *Student Loans *

Credit Cards * Creditor Harassment * IRS Problems * Lawsuits * Judgments


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Filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in San Diego is know as a liquidation. In other words, the bankruptcy trustee wants to sell your non-exempt assets in order to satisfy your debts. It the goal of your Oceanside bankruptcy lawyers to make sure none of your property gets sold. In fact, most people who file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy will not loose any assets.

The purpose of Chapter 7 is to allow the consumer to get out from under their financial burdens and get the fresh start they deserve. As we said, in most Chapter 7 cases the very nature of the financial difficulties makes it such that no assets are available for liquidation.

A San Diego Chapter 7 is also know as a straight bankruptcy and is generally the most common type of bankruptcy filing. In fact, Chapter 7 filings account for about 67% of all bankruptcy filings and is one of the fastest most efficient ways to gain a fresh start. In most cases, your debts will be discharged within a matter of months from the day your bankruptcy petition is filed.

The bankruptcy trustee is assigned to determine if you have any non-exempt assets. If there are assets than those assets will be sold and the proceeds distributed to creditors in terms of priority. Chapter 7 is different than Chapter 13 because you do not have to make payments to the bankruptcy trustee. If you are concerned about the prospects of this type of bankruptcy filing than we recommend you consult with an experienced San Diego bankruptcy attorney.

In a Chapter 7 filing in San Diego, when the court approves your discharge, ALL of your qualified debts will be wiped-out. No payments. One of the other benefits of this is you can, if you choose, decide to keep some debt and pay it. Generally that would be your car loan and mortgage on your place of residence. Bankruptcy lawyers in San Diego will tell you that Chapter 7 provides the consumer with a lot flexibility.

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