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Your creditors don’t want you to know that San Diego Chapter 13 lawyers can stop:

Foreclosure * Wage Garnishment *Student Loans *

Credit Cards * Creditor Harassment * IRS Problems * Lawsuits * Judgments


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There are a number of advantages to filing a Chapter 13 in San Diego. Generally, the most powerful reason is that a Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop a foreclosure on your home. By filing bankruptcy in San Diego, consumers can stop the foreclosure process and be allowed to catch-up on late payments. You must keep in mind that you still have to make your mortgage payments which are administered outside the Chapter 13 plan. It is not only an advantage to stop a foreclosure, but you can also reorganize your other debts within the plan. This can include credit cards, car loan and other debts. As San Diego bankruptcy attorneys, we generally see  plan payments being much less than the regular payments. We like to think of Chapter 13 bankruptcy as the proper way to consolidate debt. A San Diego consumer makes all payments directly to the trustee and has no contact with any of the creditors. The bankruptcy trustee pays your creditors directly.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy in San Diego starts by completing and filing the bankruptcy petition with the bankruptcy court. Along with the petition, the consumer must file a number of other documents with the court that include:

A list of all assets and debts

Proof of your current income as well as monthly expenses

Any contracts by which you are currently bound

A general statement about your current financial condition.

Along with these documents you will have to show proof that you have completed a credit counseling course as well as a proposed plan for repaying your creditors in the Chapter 13. A San Diego consumer must be able to provide recent tax returns. If you are married, it is not always necessary that both people file. Your San Diego Chapter 13 lawyer will guide you through the process.

One of the most powerful elements of a Chapter 13 in San Diego is what is know as the automatic stay. As soon as your Chapter 13 petition is filled the court prevents all creditors from continuing collection action and harassment. At creditor must seek special permission from the bankruptcy in order to bypass the automatic stay.

As mentioned above, a San Diego Chapter 13 bankruptcy will save a consumers home from foreclosure. The very minute the petition is filed with the bankruptcy court all foreclosure proceedings must come to any end. In the Chapter 13 plan, all delinquent payments can be brought current, spread out over time. It is very important that you contact an experienced San Diego bankruptcy lawyer as soon as you get a notice of default. If the foreclosure sale proceeds before your file your Chapter 13 bankruptcy petition you cannot erase it. You will loose your home. It is also important that you stay current on your Chapter 13 plan payments or your case can be dismissed and your house foreclosed upon.

About 45 days after you file your San Diego Chapter 13 bankruptcy the bankruptcy trustee will conduct a meeting of creditors. At this time your creditors will have the opportunity to object to your proposed plan. This rarely happens. You and your San Diego bankruptcy attorney will attend the meeting which takes places in an office building. You do not have to go to court. The bankruptcy judge cannot attend the Chapter 13 meeting of creditors. If the trustee has any questions or problems with the plan they will be resolved at that time. The meeting is generally informal and quick.

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