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Guard Yourself Against Credit Repair Companies

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys – As San Diego bankruptcy lawyers, we’ve seen too many of these companies who promise their clients a quick fix of their credit, only to have them turn up in the Law Offices of Thompson | Wedeking, with a tale of woe and needing to file for Chapter 7 or Chapter…

After Bankruptcy, It’s Easy To Repair Credit

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorney – Let’s be honest – if you are thinking about filing bankruptcy, your credit is probably already bad or will be soon.  You are having trouble making payments on your debt.  By wiping out those debts with bankruptcy, you won’t be struggling to make payments anymore.  Now you can start to…

Credit Repair Scams Are Not A Viable Alternative To Bankruptcy Protection

Unfortunately, your credit history is your credit history and there is not much you can do about unless you find error on your credit report. Credit reporting agencies must report all the dirty details of your financial history and no “credit repair company” is going to change that.