A San Diego Chapter 13 Can Save Your Home

As a San Diego Chapter 13 lawyer, I want to explain to you a little bit about the process of saving your home.  But first, let’s talk basics.  Under a San Diego chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor sets a repayment plan the the bankruptcy trustee proposing to pay off part of his or her debts.  You can utilize a Chapter 13 to prevent foreclosure on your home, catch up on missed car payments, catch up on missed mortgage payments, stop collections and much much more.  If you stick to the terms of your Chpater 13 repayment plan, your remaining debt will be discharged at the end of the plan period.  Chapter 13 in San Diego is generally for those who have a steady income and want to retain valuable assets.  That brings us to the topic of this post – saving your home.

For most people, especially in San Diego, their home will be the most significant purchase they make.   You worked your entire life to provide the best possible life for you and your family and financial troubles are just going to take away that dream?  Not if I can help it!

A Chapter 13 allows you to roll all of your missed mortgage payments into the bankruptcy plan.  I know people who have gone YEARS without making mortgage payment that were able to save their homes in Chapter 13.  The most important thing is that you get to keep the equity in your home.  With housing prices on the rise, many homeowners in San Diego are actually seeing positive equity.  You don’t want to lose that!  That equity is an investment for you and your family.

Even if you are not seeing positive equity now you are likely to in the future.  Further, if you have a 2nd mortgage, we may be able to totally get rid of it under a “lien strip.”  (Look here and here).  Don’t make a poor financial decision because you think there is nothing you can do.  It costs you NOTHING to consult with one of our award winning bankruptcy lawyers.  If you don’t it might cost you EVERYTHING!.

The lawyers at Thompson|Wedeking have been helping homeowners save their property since 1976.  Don’t trust your case to some recent law school graduate or paralegal.  Doesn’t your family deserve better?  Contact us today at 888.590.1773, download a copy of our FREE California Guide to Bankruptcy or email Harold Thompson at HDT@ThompsonLawSD.com

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