Bankruptcy by Any Other Name Is Still Debt Relief

San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys

Whether you call it BK or “filing for debt relief,” or just refer to Chapter 7 or Chapter 13, bankruptcy is one of the most powerful tools for a debtor to have. The other powerful tool is an experienced San Diego bankruptcy attorney, who can fight for your rights and represent you in court.

It’s funny about how many people just don’t like the sound of the word “bankruptcy.” You would think it was the end of the world, when in reality, it’s the beginning, the beginning of a fresh start on your finances and your life! It will even give you a fresh start on your credit rating. As a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer, I have seen the relief it brings to our clients’ lives.

Once upon a time, they had debtor’s prisons, and bankruptcy was a thing to be feared. But nowadays, we live in the 21st century, and bankruptcy is simply a means of getting your financial feet back under you after your circumstances have overwhelmed you. As a San Diego bankruptcy attorney, I’ve seen a lot of financial situations that have driven people to look for help. It might be the loss of a job, or not being able to make house payments, or overwhelming medical bills. Divorce often takes a toll on the financial health of those involved. The Great Recession has certainly generated a lot of bankruptcies from good folks who never dreamed they would have to file for debt relief.

Relief is the name of the game. When you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect, which puts an immediate stop to collection efforts, foreclosure, and creditor harassment. Bankruptcy offers solutions to debt problems that no other action can. It can eliminate debt, and let you keep your home. It’s like having a great weight lifted off your shoulders. If you’re worried about your credit rating, don’t be. The fact of the matter is that debt makes bad credit. After your debts are discharged with a qualified bankruptcy, you will start getting offers for credit again. Used responsibly, this new credit can be used to build up your credit ranking over time, until your credit rating is restored. Yes, it takes time, but it’s time well spent!

We at Thompson | Wedeking are San Diego Bankruptcy Attorneys who are here to assist you in finding the relief and fresh start you deserve! With over 35 years of experience at your disposal, we can fight for your rights and your future! Want to know more about what bankruptcy can do for you? Download our FREE Book, The California Guide to Bankruptcy. Then give us a call at 888.590.1773 for a free consultation on your personal situation. You can also contact us at our official website. Don’t be afraid of bankruptcy when you could be seeking relief!

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