Choose Your Bankruptcy Attorney Wisely

San Diego Bankruptcy Lawyer – We have advised, on numerous occasions, that when contemplating filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 in San Diego, it is better not to do it on your own. Hiring the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diegomay be a little costly, but this cost could be the difference in your obtaining a full discharge and a reorganization of your debts and getting your bankruptcy dismissed. As a San Diego bankruptcy lawyer specializing in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases, I have seen many of my clients try to work on the preparation of their bankruptcy filing on their own, only to discover, after seeking counsel, that many things are wrong and could not be corrected. Many of my San Diego Chapter 13 bankruptcy clients are hesitant of lawyers and wait until the last minute to seek their advice. The debtor and bankruptcy lawyer should work together as a unit. Your bankruptcy lawyer was specifically hired to defend you and obtain for you the fresh start you deserve. Debtor-clients do not have to hide any information from their bankruptcy lawyers. There is what is known as the “lawyer-client” relationship, where lawyers are forbidden from disclosing information obtained from their clients.

Choose your bankruptcy attorney wisely. San Diego Chapter 13 bankruptcy filings may take more time than you expected, and you, as the debtor-client, will spend a lot of time with the lawyer and his or her staff. Take the time to get to know your lawyer, and his staff as well. They will become your confidantes, if not your friends, in the several months that encompass your bankruptcy proceeding. I think it goes without saying your want the best bankruptcy attorney in San Diego, without paying exorbitant fees.

How do you choose your bankruptcy lawyer? First, you look into their work history and credentials. You can look around the Internet. But here, you will run the risk of bloated advertisements and newbie lawyers who can afford a lot of advertising and outstanding PR relations. It is better to ask referrals from people you know who has successfully filed and emerged from similar Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Word-of-mouth is still the best advertising an attorney could have.  Better yet, talk with the attorney face-to-face.

Second, arrange for a meeting with the attorney. Prepare the questions you want to ask the lawyer and ask those questions. Keep in mind you will disclose a lot of information about your life that you may not want to share with a lot of people, lest of all, a stranger. But remember that finding a good lawyer may be the only difference between a successful bankruptcy case and a failed one. Find a lawyer that you feel most comfortable with.

We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date with the ever-changing bankruptcy laws that will affect your case. The award-winning bankruptcy lawyers at Thompson | Wedeking will help you maximize the laws to help financially-distressed individuals obtain a fresh start. Please call our office at 888.590.1773 for a free-no hassle consultation, download a copy of our free California Guide to Bankruptcy or find out how you can become a client right now.

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